Is the Time Change Costing Your Natural Gas Business Money?

scada solutionDon’t forget to set your clock ahead on March 13!

Don’t forget to spring ahead on Sunday, March 13. It’s oakley sunglasses for men that time—time to move to daylight-saving time when we move our clocks femenino forward an hour—all of them, the bedside alarm, your watch, the microwave, the thermostat … If you are lucky, you have a radio-controlled clock that sets itself. These clocks change their time automatically to oakley sunglasses outlet the second from a radio signal and without any intervention on your part.

The signal is broadcast by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) WWVB radio in Fort Collins, Colorado. The official atomic clock is located in Boulder, Colorado. This cheap fake oakleys official clock uses cesium atoms and cheap oakleys sunglasses is designed to not gain or lose a second over the course of 100 million years—not nearly enough accurate for the NIST. Because they want a clock that is even more Ray Ban Sunglasses accurate, they are developing a quantum logic cheap authentic jordans clock that uses an aluminum atom. This clock is designed not to gain or lose a second for 3.7 billion nfl jerseys cheap years.

Time matters in the natural gas industry

While we might laugh at the need for that much accuracy in our clocks, accurate time does matter in the natural gas industry. Natural gas transportation Cheap Jerseys and sales contracts have a specified contract hour (Resistance which is critical at custody transfer points. A contract hour error can create differences in data between the custody transfer meter and the check meter. If the Ray Ban sale downstream pipeline’s contract hour is 6AM standard time and the check meter is set at 6AM daylight-saving time you will have a variance. Variances can cause costly oakley sunglasses sale disagreements in custody transfers.

Manual systems are prone to error

Additional opportunity for error comes from technicians interacting with the meters from their laptop computers, which may or may not have the correct time. It is surprising to see a month-end report with the wrong year but it can happen. While technicians are paid to be accurate, they are still prone to human error. It is not unheard of to have a technician physically go to the location to change the time and adjust it incorrectly.

Natural gas operators who don’t have an efficient communications network and a modern SCADA cheap authentic jordans system can waste a lot of time and money with daylight-saving time changes. Some older SCADA hockey jerseys systems require a technician working from a list that specifies which meters are to be updated and which are to be left alone. Changing these meters manually not only takes a lot of effort but Cheap Jordans Sale it also makes cheap nfl jerseys wholesale the system prone to errors in time.

A modern SCADA solution will keep your time bij from costing you money

There is an easier and better way to keep your time accurate and save money in the process. The AccuTrac5 SCADA system is modern and efficient. It keeps the meter synced to the correct time and adjusts for daylight-saving time automatically when the settings for the meter require that change. This is a set-it-and-forget-it feature. Additionally, AccuTrac5 adjusts the meter back to the correct time if a technician’s keystrokes or laptop time are in error.

An oil and gas specialist can help your systems be more profitable

There’s a lot riding on the time change. cheap MLB Jerseys It is important to have confidence in the accuracy of your meters. If you would like to save money with accurate time, give us a call. Five Star Measurement is an oil and gas specialist providing measurement and automation <a <a Ray Ban Sunglasses href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap nfl jerseys href=”″>JCB services.  Our job is to provide you with accurate and efficient services that will make your oil and natural gas business more profitable. We can provide you Baratas Replicas Ray Ban with a modern SCADA solution, AccuTrac5, that will give you the time cheap oakleys you need.

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