Data Analytic Services- Oil and Gas

Five Star’s Data Analytical department can simplify, integrate, and prepare your data from your measurement and production operations to allow you to make better operational decisions– achieve greater cost efficiencies as well as sales optimization.

Focusing on collecting, sorting, reporting and prioritizing the mountains of data from your Calibration Reports, Gas Analysis Reports, EFM Reports, Field Operations Reports, Equipment Indexes and/or other Key Data Reports,– we can provide your business with actionable information and data management.

We will work with your existing data sources and software, whether they be internal systems or external third party sources, new data or historical data, –and transform that data into useful, real-time analytics .

Our Oil and Gas Data Analytic Services Include:

  • EFM Review, Balancing and Variance Reports
  • Calibration Reviews and Test Scheduling
  • Equipment Maintenance Reviews and Scheduling
  • Software Integration
  • Error Correction and Reporting
  • Gas Analysis Verification, record keeping and test schedulingSite Diagrams and Drawings
  • System Balance Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), to find patterns and relationships in data.
  • Data mining, by sorting through large data sets to identify trends, patterns and relationships;
  • Predictive analytics, which seeks to predict and prevent equipment failures and other future events;
  • Fix data quality problems through data profiling and data cleansing that could affect the accuracy of analytics applications.
  • Data visualizationthrough the use of charts, reports and other infographics designed to make data findings easier to understand.
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