New Gulf Resources’ Levels Soar with Five Star Measurement

New Gulf Resources, LLC, (NGR) owns, manages and operates upstream and midstream energy projects in Southeast Texas.  While NGR is on the leading edge of advanced technologies such as horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracture stimulation, their well sites were using technology that was behind the times. When NGR recognized their oil levels changing without any valid reason, they recognized the need for change and turned to a high tech measurement company they had been referred to, Five Star Measurement.

According to Mike Landers, Sr. Lead Technician for Five Star Measurement, “NGR is one of the leading drilling companies that requires efficiency at a high level. However, their well sites were not being calibrated and were set up on old technology causing large skimming numbers and loss of revenues. Because of this, we knew AccuTrac5, our web-based SCADA solution along with a new security system and on-going meter services would be a great fit for their company.”

Stacy Crook, East Texas Superintendent at NGR recalls, “After seeing what Five Star could do, and the way they corrected our volumes, I not only knew we chose the right meter service and automation company but I also realized how bad our old systems were. I was so impressed with the knowledge, experience and services that Five Star provides.”

Five Star acted as a consultant and implementation team to get NGR’s well site levels corrected. Five Star did an initial well site assessment and immediately noticed incorrectly sized orifice plates on all of the well sites.  Stacy stated, “I was relieved to see such a knowledgeable team with an experienced eye that could identify why our levels weren’t registering properly. After Five Star corrected all of the plates and programmed the meters to the correct plates we saw an immediate return. Every part, no matter how small, impacts our business. In this case, each plate change represents hundreds of dollars saved, overall increasing our production and injection rates by 20%!”

Incorporating better security systems was the next phase in delivering efficient well sites. Mike states, “Anytime we can get our customer off a nomadic system an onto and automatic security system we suggest this. There are multiple reasons but the most important one is that an automatic security system will shut in the well when a trigger has been tripped. This protects the well and immediately alerts the Well Techs so they can address this in real time.”

Stacy comments, “After our new security systems were installed an incident happened where a separator failed resulting in an immediate shut in of our well. Our team was automatically notified that there was no flow. We were able to put the well back online within 30 minutes. If the same thing would have happened with our previous system, it could have taken a day or more to get this fixed because we simply would not have known about it.”

Implementing AccuTrac5, a true SCADA system, was the last component required to provide a seamless system. Stacy states, “Our previous process was made up of manual well site data collection. Now, AccuTrac5 provides an online system that tracks all of the well site data on our mobile devices. AccuTrac5 alerts us if levels are down or systems are not working correctly. This helps our Well Techs manage their sites so they can attend to the sites needing priority attention. With AccuTrac5 being online I’d estimate we are saving at least 1 hour per day, per Well Tech. With 7 Well Techs on our team, that’s a huge time saver not to mention the peace of mind we now have!”

Stacy concluded, “We have seen so much improvement, cost savings and accuracy by using Five Star that we are now using them for every service they offer. From routine meter checks, gas samples, automation services, calibration services and their online SCADA, we really see them as a trusted partner in our business.”

Mike added, “We are happy to work with any company regardless of what their needs are. It is exciting to work with NGR and see them fully embrace all of the new technology available. It was a privilege to watch them immediately save money and time too, as that is always our goal.”